Sterlyn Silver Corp Ramps Up Production with a Casting Machine

Clifton, NJ – June 2022 – The NJ-based company has grand plans for tighter production turnaround of fine jewelry thanks to the addition of a Rio Grande Casting Machine!  With never-ending delays in production secondary to COVID and supply chain disruptions, Sterlyn Silver will forge ahead with increased production capabilities to deliver quality products to their customers in record timing.  Production is expected to increase by as much as four times with their new stronghold in casting mixed and recycled metals. The Rio Grande Machine is optimized with investments, mold-making, and an oven to bake the jewelry overnight. 

We are hoping to reduce the time it takes to cast a quality product by half with this new casting machine. This will result in a lot of adhoc costs associated with manufacturing. With this new shift we are hoping to achieve mass production of silver and gold jewelry in our New Jersey office by 2023. 

– Mayank Kukreja, President, Sterlyn Silver Corporation


About Sterlyn Silver Corp

Founded in 2012, Sterlyn Silver Corp is a silver and gold jewelry manufacturer from New York. For years, Sterlyn Silver Corp has consistently worked with enterprise level companies and top designer brands across North America, offering them a variety of jewelry creation services including product development, casting, stone setting, polishing, and plating, laser engraving, and quality control.

With the latest in jewelry making technology and a wide array of inhouse production capabilities, Sterlyn Silver Corp can streamline the jewelry creation process for its clients.

More companies continue to work with Sterlyn Silver Corp due to the company’s ability to manufacture quality jewelry and for its reputation for maintaining the highest quality of standards for its clients.

With customer satisfaction as the company’s top priority, Sterlyn Silver Corp is always looking for ways to improve. One of the most significant actions that the company has recently taken to improve was the opening of its very own production factory in NJ. While the company has relied mostly on its factory in Bangkok, Thailand for manufacturing over the years, having production done in the USA has always been one of Sterlyn Silver’s goals.

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