How can AI change the game for small jewelry manufacturer’s

While Asia has been the leading manufacturer in mass production of jewelry for many years due to its abundance of resources, Sterlyn Silver Corp believes that Web 3.0 can change that. China is always ahead of the jewelry manufacturing trends and is able to accomplish projects a lot faster because of its resources, but we believe that with access to Web 3.0, U.S. manufacturers will be able to adopt this digital experience to benefit our clients. Not only do we think this can benefit us, but we believe that this will change the manufacturing and supply chain for all the smaller manufacturers trying to not rely on sourcing outside of the U.S.

With everything going on in the world from COVID-19 to the current event of the Ukraine-Russia war, we see that the industry has shown resilience by trying to cut down on outsourcing with the supply chain and lead time and evolve into making things more locally. This is creating more jobs in the U.S. and taking back the power that other countries hold over us with supply and demand. In doing so, we have found that not only for ourselves but for other small companies it is difficult to estimate or even get accurate forecasts for creating stock to represent the amount of sales we may have in the future. We believe that AI will be a crucial tool for predicting what sales revenues will look like and how much stock/inventory we will need in order to stay ahead of the curve.

With that being said, manufacturing jewelry in the US requires a better and more strategic prediction for the demand of e-tailers and retailers. We have been experiencing inflation due to current events which are causing massive disruptions to the economy. To combat these shifts in the market and predict inventory levels, we believe that AI in the next two to three years will prove to be a superior resource. This is where small manufacturers will be able to level out the playing field. With AI on their side, small manufacturers like ourselves will be able to deliver goods in the same capacity as large manufacturers.

– Mayank Kukreja, President, Sterlyn Silver Corporation

About Sterlyn Silver Corp

Founded in 2012, Sterlyn Silver Corp is a silver and gold jewelry manufacturer from New York. For years, Sterlyn Silver Corp has consistently worked with enterprise level companies and top designer brands across North America, offering them a variety of jewelry creation services including product development, casting, stone setting, polishing, and plating, laser engraving, and quality control.

With the latest in jewelry making technology and a wide array of inhouse production capabilities, Sterlyn Silver Corp can streamline the jewelry creation process for its clients.

More companies continue to work with Sterlyn Silver Corp due to the company’s ability to manufacture quality jewelry and for its reputation for maintaining the highest quality of standards for its clients.

With customer satisfaction as the company’s top priority, Sterlyn Silver Corp is always looking for ways to improve. One of the most significant actions that the company has recently taken to improve was the opening of its very own production factory in NJ. While the company has relied mostly on its factory in Bangkok, Thailand for manufacturing over the years, having production done in the USA has always been one of Sterlyn Silver’s goals.

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