Human Rights

Human Rights

   Human Rights

Sterlyn Silver (SS) recognizes its corporate responsibility to publicly affirm our commitment and respect for human rights. We understand that our commitment comes from not just words, but actions. In that vein, our dedication to uphold human rights continues as an integral part of our socially responsible business activities.

SS pledges adherence to the following tenets: SS is respectful of human rights and actively promotes a workplace environment where discrimination, harassment and persecution on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability, or veteran status are not tolerated.

SS promotes equal opportunity of employment for all qualified applicants and actively attempts to maintain an inclusive and diverse work environment for all of our employees.

SS expects that all employees also respect and honor the human rights of their fellow employees.

SS is committed to maintaining a safe and stable workplace which maintains high standards and constantly strives for eco-efficiency and methodologies to lessen our imprint on our local community.

SS is committed to engaging in business transactions only with customers which also affirm and respect human rights and responsible business practices. We are committed to the highest standards of ethical and business conduct as it relates to the procurement of goods and services.

All SS employees are required to follow the ethical standards in our Employee Information Handbook which are in place to ensure that our employees perform with honesty and integrity.

SS is committed to invest in its community by utilizing financial and human capital with efforts to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood and the surrounding areas. SS is certified by the RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) to ensure that our material is not sourced from areas or regions in which practices are used to support or benefit unlawful conflict, or contribute to serious human rights abuses or breaches of international law.

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