Gemstone Sourcing

The Highest in Gemstone Quality

At Sterlyn Silver we value highly sought-after gemstones in order to create stunning pieces of gemstone jewelry. We source gemstones from all over the world, whether it be Blue Sapphire stones from Sri Lanka or turquoise stones from right here in the United States, we have all your gemstone needs covered. Here at Sterlyn Silver, we are committed to bringing you the highest in gemstone quality at competitive prices exclusive to our clients.

Sterlyn Silver also has the latest in-house stone cutting machines capable of cutting any type of stone, including opaque and semi-precious stones. Additionally, we are versatile in an array of stone cutting designs for those with a specific style in mind. We also make sure to adhere to the proper stone cutting protocols to ensure the safety of our employees while providing our clients with the highest quality in gemstone design.

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