Team Members

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Team Members

mayank kukreja owner sterlyn silver corp

Mayank Kukreja

Owner & President

“In the fast-paced jewelry industry, Sterlyn Silver plays a pivotal role in manufacturing jewelry for top retailers and designers in North America. With a factory in Thailand and New Jersey, we are able to streamline our supply chain and deliver goods at a faster pace for our clients”

Laine Cialdella

VP of Sales

“Every brand has a unique story; how that story is conveyed plays an instrumental role in getting consumers to build a relationship with our brand and be invested in our products.”

John Wesh

Senior Business Development Manager

“As a business development manager at Sterlyn Silver, my duties are to establish and grow business with our clientele and vendors. While overseeing, the production and operation process to make sure our supply chain runs smoothly and ensure our machinery are intact.”

Aman Sethi

Casting Manager

“With over 12 years of experience working in mass production of jewelry I put my production process flow to be the most important priority to ensure goods ship to clients with top quality within the timeline.”

Sodelys Rios

Production Associate

“Our pride is in the strength of the relationships with our partners which contributes to delivering work that is on brand. As the Production Associate, I assist my team and clients in developing growth strategy plans. Although one of my top priorities is managing and maintaining relationships with our existing clients, I constantly strive to increase our client base to continually grow our knowledge of product development.”

Kelsey Capote

Merchandise Coordinator

” My main responsibility to execute the right merchandising standards while ensuring our factory is processing efficiently and effectively, and working as a team. My priority is to provide excellent merchandising solutions to our new and existing clients by engaging and interacting with them”.

Suraj Mahabir

Master Jeweler

With over 32 years of experience in fabrication, Suraj joined Sterlyn Silver as a master jeweler to manage a team of bench jewelers. “I love bringing life to objects using our clients’ inspiration. I am inspired daily whilst walking in the streets from the bustling streets of New York City to the wilderness of my backyard in Queens”. 

Debbie Kaewussdangku

Quality Control Lead

“Quality management helps Sterlyn Silver differentiate among its competitors. Our clients come back to us because of the loyalty we have built by providing great quality products. I ensure that all jewelry pieces are of high quality standard to keep the cost beyond the original piece minimal.”

Greg Carlos

Customer Service Associate

“It is our passion to discover and fulfil the needs of our customers. That is why I develop thoughtful marketing campaigns and special company events designed to interact with our clientele, meet their needs, and develop lasting relationships. Outstanding customer service makes a difference in how people see and feel about Sterlyn Silver Corp.”

akash singh cad developer sterlyn silver

Akash Singh

CAD Specialist

“The first and the most important aspect of a product is CAD designing. With the help of technology and latest softwares I develop intricate designs for our clients. I feel privileged to work with top designers and companies and learn so many things on a daily basis.” 

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