Why Us


Innovative problem solvers

At Sterlyn Silver, our product development experts are equipped with the most cutting-edge technology and the sharpest minds, making them qualified to handle all your jewelry creation service needs.

With the latest in jewelry making technology and a wide array of inhouse production capabilities, Sterlyn Silver Corp is able to streamline the jewelry creation process for its clients with its production factory in Bangkok, Thailand and its new production factory in Hackensack, New Jersey.


Competitive pricing

Values & capabilities

With factories in both Thailand and the USA, Sterlyn Silver Corp offers its clients the option of choosing where they would like their products to be manufactured while at the same time maintaining competitive pricing and exclusivity to its clients

At Sterlyn Silver we care about our employees. We have fair wages and working conditions at our factory in Thailand as well as our headquarters in New York City. Sterlyn Silver Corp has compliance certificates from Intertek to further promote full transparency and trust for all our clients.

Streamline production in usa & thailand
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