Sterlyn Silver Donates Hot Meals To Homeless Shelter In Newark, NJ

NEWARK, NJ, NOVEMBER 14, 2021 – Sterlyn Silver Corp, a silver and gold jewelry manufacturer from New York, donated dozens of hot meals to a homeless shelter in Newark, New Jersey on Sunday afternoon. Offering both meat and vegetarian options, employees at Sterlyn Silver all volunteered to help give out food to those in need.

As a part of the company’s mission to create incredible fine jewelry, its founder, Mayank Kukreja, has also made it an important goal to give back to the community. Over the years, Sterlyn SIlver Corp has dedicated a portion of its profits to charity and has since donated hundreds of meals to homeless shelters and food banks throughout the New York and New Jersey area.

Employees at Sterlyn Silver Corp feel especially proud to be at a company that cares about helping those less fortunate.

Mayank Kukreja, President of Sterlyn Silver Corp: “It has always been a life goal of mine to help out those in need. It fills me with great sorrow to know that there are people out there who do not have even the most essential commodities such as food. Therefore, I allocate a portion of Sterlyn Silver Corp’s profits to charity. As the company moves forward, we will continue finding more ways to help out and impact more lives.”

About Sterlyn Silver Corp

Founded in 2012, Sterlyn Silver Corp is a silver and gold jewelry manufacturer from New York. For years, Sterlyn Silver Corp has consistently worked with enterprise level companies and top designer brands across North America, offering them a variety of jewelry creation services including product development, casting, stone setting, polishing, and plating, laser engraving, and quality control.

With the latest in jewelry making technology and a wide array of inhouse production capabilities, Sterlyn Silver Corp can streamline the jewelry creation process for its clients.

More companies continue to work with Sterlyn Silver Corp due to the company’s ability to manufacture quality jewelry and for its reputation for maintaining the highest quality of standards for its clients.

With customer satisfaction as the company’s top priority, Sterlyn Silver Corp is always looking for ways to improve. One of the most significant actions that the company has recently taken to improve was the opening of its very own production factory in NJ. While the company has relied mostly on its factory in Bangkok, Thailand for manufacturing over the years, having production done in the USA has always been one of Sterlyn Silver’s goals.


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