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About Us

Sterlyn Silver Corp is a wholesaler and manufacturer of Sterling Silver & Gold Jewelry. With headquarters in New York and factory in Thailand, Sterlyn Silver is a direct importer of jewelry to the U.S. market.

Our products and expertise in jewelry manufacturing allow designers, retailers and wholesalers to reach end users with high-quality goods. Sterlyn Silver’s top clients include one of the best retail and wholesale brands in the U.S. and throughout the region.

With Product Development, Casting, Filing, Polishing, Stone setting, Quality Control under one roof gives us an opportunity to deliver goods quicker with a top-notch quality. Acquiring latest technology and machines in the last few years has given us an upper hand in this ever evolving market.

We proud ourselves to be a reliable source of jewelry giving our clients a wide range of selection from Diamonds to Cubic Zirconia and from Natural to Synthetic stones making it easy for our clients to get different products from one source.


Are you a designer and looking for a reliable vendor? With production team in Thailand and operation team in New York we are always there to discuss.

We are a young and enthusiastic company with almost 130 people in Thailand and USA with an aim to deliver top quality jewelry at a reasonable price.

Our full collection is not available online on our website so we would request you to contact us via form below. 

Who we are

Sterlyn Silver Corp is a Silver and Gold jewelry wholesaler and manufacturer with more than 130 people in its headquarters in New York and factory in Thailand.

What we do

We provide a wide range of products with Diamonds, Cubic Zirconia, Natural and Synthetic stones. We also provide product development service, manufacture designer jewelry with exclusivity i.e. if you have your design we can manufacture for you.

Why Choose Us

Sterlyn Silver is the one of the only companies to have established in the U.S. to provide after sales support to our clients in the U.S. We also provide exclusivity on products designed by you i.e. we do not re-sell them to anyone else.

Our Services

Let us help expand your business!

Be it Sterling Silver or Gold jewelry, Sterlyn Silver Corp provides the latest jewelry products in the industry. From Product Development, Casting & Injection Molding, Stone Setting and Polishing to Plating our company experts study the market trend closely and provide you with a creative and unique product.


Casting and Injection Molding

After the product development the next step is the creation of the wax model. The wax is created by injecting molten wax into a rubber mold. Second step is to select the most appropriate casting options through the assessment of waxes by size and mass. The casting of gold and silver alloys takes place in a vacuum pressure casting machine.

Filing & Polishing

Nothing sets your metalwork off like finely finished edges and a nicely polished surface. In the rush to finish a piece, sometimes this is a job that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. The jewelry pieces are carefully cleaned and polished to obtain the smoothness on the surface.

Stone Setting & Engraving

The most essential process of jewelry manufacturing is Stone-setting. This is where you will start witnessing jewelry pieces come to life. The stone setters require years of experience in practice. Several setting techniques ought to be selected during the design process depending on the design of the product.

Quality Control

We set a high standard for our quality benchmark. Paying attention to detail is one of our commitments, keeping that in mind our quality team checks smooth surface, scratches, stone-setting and inspect any other aspect to ensure the best quality jewelry from our factory.

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