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product development

Product Development

The first step in Jewelry designing is product development. Our talented team of product developers come up with a unique concept and create sketches based on that. Once the sketch is done they are imported into the CAD which turns them into a three-Dimensional object on a computer which could be examined from any angle. After that the products are sent for manufacturing.

Wax Carving / Master Making

After the sketch or three-dimensional image is complete it is passed to the wax carver where the sketch is turned into a wax mold. Mold is the most important part of the process because the final outcome is based on the master mold.
casting and injection molding

Casting & Injection Molding

This is where master wax is put on a tree and send for investment where it is cooked for the whole night and ready to cast the next morning. The investment flask is placed in casting machine with POP and heated up that melts the wax, solidifies the cement leaving behind the perfect effect. The metal is left to cool so jewelry could be seen in the casting form. The cavity left by the wax is filled by silver, brass or gold.


After the casting is done, the master is sent to filers for filing. Filing is a process that evens the jewelry surface and remove excess metal.
quality control

Quality Control

After filing Q/C team checks carefully the surface of the item. After approval the products are pushed to the stone- setters.
stone setting


Our team of advanced stone-setters are experienced in using microscopes and other technologies to provide advanced setting capabilities including prong, bezel, paveĀ and micro pave while working with all types of precious metals.


After approval by Q/C the product goes for polishing. The products are polished to the highest degree of smoothness. Every part is carefully done after the stone setting process. The polisher is responsible to give the product an attractive, smooth look.


Laser engraving is a technology that removes the surface material of the metal and create image or text on hard surfaces like Rings, Bracelets and Pendants. We provide Engraving from names of your loved ones, life milestones or anything else as per your requirement.


Plating is a process in which products are layered by rhodium or gold to provide a corrosion resistance on top of the metal to protect it from the wear and tear. This is a normal process and Sterlyn Silver Corp has in-house team of experts who can do Rose-Gold, Rhodium and Silver plating.